Trinity College School

With 450 students Trinity College School is one of the bigger international private schools in the area of Toronto and stands for excellent academic quality and advancement. 60 % of all students are boarders, approx. 40 % are international students from more than 20 different countries worldwide. The academic advisors as well as the academic support team are extremely dedicated to the needs of their students.


The school that was founded in 1865 is one of the oldest and most traditional schools in Canada. TCS is very popular because it´s supported by a strong alumni community. It´s not unusual to have families who have had three or four children attending TCS and passing their highschool diplomas here. At TCS the shared values of the community are the basis. Projects like “week without walls” make students aware of their social responsibility.


It´s a place where lasting friendships grow and the basis for academic success is built. The daily chapel service, the outstanding personal tutoring of the students as well as the broad sports- and extracurricular programme including icehockey, american football, rowing and mutile other creative activities like the theatre programme that takes place in the house theatre contribute to the popularity of the this school. It´s also famous for the pleasant atmosphere of the beautiful campus with its excellent boarding houses.


For more information and consultancy please get in touch with us under +49/251/1621-309


Parts of the academic programme are:

  • Advanced Placement Programme for physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, politics, history, micro economics
  • Latin, German, English als second language, French, Spanish
  • Online Learning System
  • It-learning systems in all classrooms
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • Leadership Programmes
  • International social projects
  • Language exchange programmes
  • Small learning groups
  • NEW! AP Capstone Diploma


As one out of ten Canadian highschools TCS offers the AP Capstone Diploma. A two-year interdisciplinary programme that focuses on critical thinking, collaborative problem solving and research skills in a cross-curricular context.


Extra-curricular Acticvities:

baskettball, field hockey, footbal, soccer, squash, swimming, volleyball, badminton, baseball

cricket, golf, rowing, rugby, tennis, horse riding, skiing



TCS offers the ADVANCED PLACEMENT CAPSTONE DIPLOMA. As one of 10 Boarding Schools in Canada TCS offers the cross-curricular programme, Contact us for more information!