St. Michael´s University School (IB)

St. Michael´s  University School Victoria, Vancouver Island

To Learn. To Live. To Serve

An outstanding school in beautiful British Columbia on Vancouer Island. Community, personal development and preparation for higher learning and for life.

St. Michael´s University School or SMUS, as it´s called, is a special recommendation for those students, who would like to spend grade 9 and 10 at an excellent private school in Canada. One of the reasons is the special academic programme for grade 10.

400 day- and 260 boarding students can join 27 advanced placement courses different ESL-Kursen (English as Second Language) with an average of 12-18 students per class. 14 different sports classes are offered as team or competitive classes. Every year a play is performed which always is „talk of the town“, and students can perform in 14 different orchestras and and bands. The boarding students live in double rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

This could be a typical day at SMUS:

07:30 h breakfast

08:10 h Music

09:15 h Break

09:30 h Biology: evolution

10:40 h „Homeroom“: Meeting your tutor and time for teacher-students discussions

11:15 h Digital Art

12:15 h Lunch break

13.10 h English. Shakespeare recital in AP English Literature

14:20 h Physics

15:25 h Sports practice

ab 16:45 h Dinner

19:00 h Prep and study time

21:00 h Training at the Fitness Centre

21:30 h Social time in the common room

22:30 h „Lights out“

Sports programme

The sports programme differs according to the seasons.



  • Cross-country
  • Girls field hockey
  • Rowing
  • Grade 9 Rugby for boys
  • U 25 girls soccer
  • Senior boys soccer
  • Junior boys soccer
  • Senior girls volleyball



  • Grade 9 boys basketball
  • Grade 9 girls basketball
  • Grade 10 boys basketball
  • Grade 10 girls basketball
  • Senior boys basketball
  • Senior girls basketball
  • Squash



  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Senior boys Rugby
  • Junior boys Rugby
  • Senior girls soccer
  • Junior girls soccer
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field