Neuchâtel Junior College is a Canadian School in the French speaking part of Switzerland and a precious little pearl. Between 50 and 90 students are learning in small groups in the heart of Europe. The majority are Canadians but the rest comes from all parts of the world in order to take the opportunity to learn within the excellent Canadian educational system, to be part of a lively, international community and at the same time experience Swiss hospitality.


Neuchâtel was founded in 1956 by Canadians to enable others to learn more about European culture. Students attending Neuchâtel Junior College have got the opportunity to do the OSSD “Ontario Secondary School Diploma” and to take part in social projects like “free the children” and “Habitat Humanity”, to discover European culture and to learn French in the French families that they stay with. There is no need to be able to speak French, the school is entirely run in English. What why not take the chance and learn French while staying?


This international situation is responded to by projects like Model United Nations or NESDA (New European Speech, Debate and Action). International relations are happening right here and this is a basis for international friendship and career.


As a parent you might ask yourselves if Neuchâtel Junior School is the right school for your child. We help you to take the right decision. Neuchâtel Junior College has a very high academic standard and is famous for its personal, friendly, caring and inspiring character. Parents are invited to spend time with their children during skiing experiences and can take part in social projects like “Free the children” in Kenia.


You are invited to join the international community of Neuchâtel which is like a big, international family. As the exclusive European representative we will be pleased to answer your questions under +49/251/1621-309