Highschool On Board Of A Tallship - CLASS AFLOAT

Great places promotes the international high school programme  of class afloat on board of a tall ship

There are not many opportunities for students to get to know themselves in a completely different environment and to see the world with different eyes.


On board of a traditional Tall Ship run by  the Canadian highschool class afloat that is sailed by a professional crew, students learn active global citizenship not only theoretically but in the true sense of the word: by setting sails, keeping watches and sharing communal work on the ship and within the community on board and by being integrated into social projects like “SOS Kinderdorf” and others during longer periods in the countries that are visited by the ship.


Apart from the classical subjects like mathematics, biology, geography, physics, history, global issues, there are special offers like marine biology, navigation and other sujects related to the maritime environment.


In each port fascinating land programmes are conducted to get to know the historic, cultural background, political situation and geographical specialities, environment, local politics of many countries.



Also seamanship is being taught in collaboration with the crew. Maritime knowledge can be obtained as a basis for international certificates.


The academic standard is based on the requirements of the curriculum of Nova Scotia Foreign students who are not native speakers are supported by the “English Language Learner” (ELL) programme. 


We are looking forward to all applicants who are curious, have an awareness for social programmes, a critical mind, and authentic personality , who are willing to deal with global issues in an open-minded way and who don´t shy away from taking over responsibility.


Applicants should be reverberatory and committed, looking forward to spending an unforgettable year, making friends with other students from all over the world and gaining unforgettable memories.

Those who plan a gap year between school and university can choose between different options.


For more information on the programmes  please call +49 -251-1621-309.

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