Great Places – the gobal way

Learning can be different

It would be pleasure for us to answer any of your questions and guide you through the Canadian school system.

  • Is the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) a real alternative to the International Baccalaureate (IB) degree ?
  • Is this diploma internationally accepted and certified for German universities ?
  • Are students supported and academically guided? Does every student get a chance to develop his/her own individual way of learning?
  • Are students that have experienced the Canadian educational system well prepared for university education worldwide ?
  • Do students achieve the goals they have set themselves and are they persistent ?
  • Do they like the environment and community at a Canadian boarding school ?
  • Would they take the same decision again ?

This can all be clearly answered with a yes but it needs good consultants to find the best and suitable educational environment in Canada. We are ready to help you to find the school that fits. Take advantage of this service, educational success can be organized!


Students who choose Canada as their destination for their international school experience get in touch with a multicultural, open-minded, friendly and pedagogically effective system, that motivates students, challenges their curiosity and focuses on their strengths. The individual tutoring and the special emphasis on sports, music and creative subjects and the resulting activities are unequalled.


We have selected the schools, all members of the network of CAIS (Canadian Association of Indepedent Schools) that we work with carefully and with special attention to their academic quality. We know that everyone working here is dedicated and sees the solution not the problem. 


For some students spending a year on board of a real tallship might be the right decision. Going to school and travelling the world at the same time is a unique experience. For others learning and living at a Canadian boarding school is the perfect choice. Learn more about innovative ways of learning and the excellent quality of Canadian education. 


We believe that there are various individual ways to reach your goals and it´s our committment to find the right one and remain your person of contact during your Canadian school experience.


Stepping out, taking a different route, learning differently, networking internationally, increasing self-confidence, making plans, daring, growing, pride....